A bit about the owners...

Luxe Lawn Cards, LLC. is the Sacramento Area’s original woman and locally owned and operated yard greeting rental business . We are extremely excited to add life and excitement to you and your friends yards and businesses by helping them GET CARDED!!  We are having soo much fun putting Luxe Lawn Cards customized signs in your yard and cannot wait to help you get started!  We enjoy providing a unique and memorable way to help you celebrate your special life events.  

We are able to make your yard card custom to your preference, and we personally answer your call and/or email because we want to learn about your special event and deliver the perfect yard card. We love to serve you and our community in a fun and unique way.


Jeannette, a Texan by heart, moved to Northern California 3 years ago from Dallas with her Husband and two little boys. Kristen is a California Native who has been living in Rocklin for almost 10 years with her Husband and two little boys.  Jeannette and Kristen have been Stay-at-Home Moms, Soccer Moms and Homemakers for the past few years and are EXCITED about this opportunity to bring joy and smiles to our community with Luxe Lawn Cards custom yard signs and expressions!!


We are excited to play a part in celebrating your special occasion. Thank you for trusting us, we look forward to bringing smiles to Placer County and BEYOND.


Contact us now to reserve your Luxe Lawn Card!

We look forward to helping you design a fun and exciting Lawnscape for your next event!

How does it works?

It's SUPER easy.  Luxe Lawn Cards, LLC will personally work with you to design a lawnscape for your celebration.  We offer tons of ideas for EVERY occasion and can offer ideas to help someone special in your life get carded!!  THAT'S IT!!


On the selected day, you let Luxe Lawn Cards do all the work.  We will be there after 8 pm to place the signs at the location. Enjoy the signs all day long and, we will remove the signs that evening after 8 pm.  THAT'S IT!!***

  • Birthdays

  • Graduations

  • Anniversary's

  • Special Events

  • Baby Announcements

  • Weddings

  • Open Houses

  • School Events

  • Church Events

  • Parties

  • Milestone 

  • Homecoming 

  • Prom

  • Sporting Events


***Unless otherwise arranged.  We can work with longer rental periods, daytime events, etc. Just give us a call with YOUR idea and we can help bring your yard vision to life.